Malaysian Night is our flagship event! These are annual productions with hints of our culture and also values that we appreciate as Malaysians. #MalaysianPride

With all our members bonding while working between all departments (Music, Choir, Acting, Backdrop, Lights and sounds, Publicity, etc), working hard while having fun for the show!

Heres a word from our Mnight Director of the year 2017/18, Abel Law:

"Every year without fail, Malaysians all across the United Kingdom would gather together in their respective universities for one night of Malaysian goodness: Malaysian Night! UCLU Malaysian Society is no different. With more than 140 people involved, and selling out year after year after year, it is quite clear as to why UCL's MNight is amongst the best in the nation, adding Malaysian flavour and telling Malaysian tales each and every year. This year, we're back and bigger than ever, with a steller production team as well as an amazing script, MNight 2018 is not to be missed.

The purpose of MNight is more than just to promote the Malaysian culture, but it is to also encourage freshers to be part of the family, learn new skills, gain new experiences, make new friends and just have a smashing time in general. Here at UCL MSoc, we pride ourselves on always putting the members first and making sure the experience is both fun, educational and wholistic, incorporating both artistic skills as well as technical. MNight is a platform for students to show their talents on the big stage, be it with acting, dancing singing or music. It is also a time to allow future stage managers, social media influencers, and even corporate leaders to flex their muscle in departments such as Publicity, Sponsorship or the Technical Crew.

All in all, the Malaysian Night is a time of growth, fun, development but most of all, love, as we take all of you by the hand and welcome you to a great time in London, keeping you warm amidst the cold.Come join us in this once in a lifetime experience as we take the first steps to making MNight 2018 a success.

We want you with us! "

MNight 2018 sold out 3 days before and was a huge success on the day itself. Thank you so much for everyones support!

2018: Belonging

2017: Without A Trace

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2016: Through My Wild Eyes


Pre MNight

Post MNight

2015: Run Away With Me


Pre MNight

Post MNight